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10 most expensive cities in the world

by AEA Staff

There are plenty of things to do in a paradise like Miami besides eating.

The city has a wonderful area for surfing, called Aventura-Biscayne Bay Park. It’s also the perfect place for fishing and has an easy boat ramp.

Don’t forget about the beautiful eco-tours that are the perfect way to explore all of Miami’s most famous landscapes.

Everyone would love this city, but who can afford it? Well, not everyone can afford it, but for those who can, a little information is all it takes to give you an exciting idea of what it’s like to live like Miami royalty.

Here are the top ten most expensive cities in the world, and why.

  1. New York

Why you’ll love it: New York city has something for everyone thanks to its diverse population and its many attractions. With a variety of cultures at your fingertips, you will want to find an apartment that isn’t terribly expensive, because you’ll be going out to cold all the time.

Why it’s expensive: New York city has seen a dizzying rise in rents and the city is still attracting more renters each day.

  1. Paris

Why you’ll love it: Whether you’re into fine art or not, there is something for everyone in this city. With galleries and museums going at every hour of the day, you’ll be in a different area of the city every day.

Why it’s expensive: With a low average rental rates, you would expect Paris to rank lower on this list. But in reality, many people from outside of Asia relocate to Paris for the Parisian quality of life.

  1. Cannes

Why you’ll love it: With its Mediterranean climate, Cannes is dubbed the Hollywood of the South

Why it’s expensive: With the increased real estate demand, it was of no surprise that the high weekly rental rates might also increase on the more desirable areas of the city.

  1. Monte Carlo

Why you’ll love it: Monte Carlo is a place where you are free to indulge in all luxuries as well as fun. This city boasts galleries and museums where you can see fabulously multimillion dollar collections during your spare time

Why it’s expensive: After the opening of Monte Carlo, the city has seen a decrease in property prices with much of the empty property snapped up on a rental basis.

  1. Sydney

Why you’ll love it: Unlike all the expensive cities on this list, this one is only 57% more expensive than the United States. Sydney is predominantly known for its beaches and is a popular summer destination.

Why it’s expensive: Sydney lacks the vacancy in their high-demand areas, fueling the declining prices in other areas of the city.

  1. Los Angeles

Why you’ll love it: If you’re a Hollywood fiend, this is the place to be. In this city, it’s not just celebrities in Beverly Hills, but also movie celebrities in Burbank.

Why it’s expensive: Prices in popular areas have been increasing lately, due to an increase in demand.

  1. New York City

Why you’ll love it: In a bustling city, work and play never seem to meet. New York City is an easy commute to whatever your next destination may be

Why it’s expensive: Housing is costly in Manhattan and there it’s not uncommon to find a six figure monthly rent.

  1. Geneva

Why you’ll love it: With a commitment to internal Democratic process as a pillar of their operation, Geneva operates as an independent republic

Why it’s expensive: This city is built on its history as headquarters for the international conference with outside agencies, organizations and Swisscompanies playing a key role in the city’s continued prosperity.

  1. Hong Kong

Why you’ll love it: With a 69% increase in rents from 2008, this place is exploding for those that are settling there for the long-term

Why it’s expensive: With a very low vacancy across all housing types, prices have been rising in this city as a result, with an even greater concentration of high-priced rentals in the close-in areas.

  1. Monaco

Why you’ll love it: You’ll be in a one-time of the world, with as much luxury as you please and without complaint

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