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10 Real Estate Whole Sale Jobs (with Salaries)

by AEA Staff

10 Real Estate Residual Jobs of the past

Living as a 20-year-old in 2017 is wild. With the internet, you can do anything from scratch on a shoestring budget and it’s frighteningly possible to live in a world that’s digitally controlled.

You don’t need to be a big-shot beefy guy to make a strong first impression with a pair of sharp-dressed shoulders and a cuff-linked shirt. And the same goes for your CV; the feel of a paper document just doesn’t compare with the convenience of sending off a personalized PDF for prospective employers to download.

Enter residential real estate, where failing-brilliant minds can run the world from their slick bedrooms, divvied into separate sections for sleep, watching old episodes of “Desperate Housewives” and managing their capacious portfolios.

Here are 10 job positions on the wholesale side of residential real estate with salaries below.


Somebody That Assembles Dwellings
7-Hour-a-Week Position Offering $28/Hour

Residential real estate agents assemble new buildings and coordinate housing for new and current clients.


Shift Manager
Position: 12+ Hours a Week Offering: $30/Hour

A shift manager is responsible for coordinating the shift staff, signing off on timecards and ensuring compliance with company policies.


Lead Generation Specialist
Position: 40+ Working Hours a Week
Offering: $31-$52/Hour

Lead generation specialists are responsible for identifying prospective sellers, signing them up on agent websites for representation, and managing commissions and deals for the agent.


Manager of Driving Services
Position: 10+ hours a week for 50 hours a year
Offering: $23- $28/Hour

A driving service manager is responsible for working with dispatchers to create schedules and coordinate all dispatcher and lead drivers, covering areas such as C.P.O.A.s and impoundment pickups.

#6 :

Data Systems Specialist
Position: 20-40 hours a week
Offering: $35- $68/Hour

A data systems specialist is responsible for integrating, developing and maintaining real estate automation systems.


Mortgage Banking Assistant
Position: 10-25 hours a week
Offering: $19- $25/Hour

A mortgage banking assistant is responsible for coordinating and executing various processes in the mortgage banking department.


IT Quality Assurance Coordinator
Position: 1-10 hours a week
Offering: $30-45/Hour

IT quality assurance coordinators are responsible for one, two, three or four projects, performing the tasks and responsibilites of the team lead.


Owner’s Representative
Position: 1 Hour per week
Offering: $2,000

An owner’s representative is responsible for labor cost and ensuring that a project site is clean and safe before going into production.


Internet Marketing Manager
Position: 40-50 hours a week
Offering: $17- $92,000

An internet marketing manager is responsible for implementing marketing campaigns, maximizing digital engagement and educating consumers consistently.


Demand Planner
Position: Full Time
Offering: $93,000

A demand planner is responsible for analyzing macroeconomic, demographic, urban, socio-cultural, immigration and wage shifts, predicting the future and modeling for decision-makers.

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