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6 Reasons to Choose a Real Estate Agent Over “For Sale By Owner”

by AEA Staff

In the quest to find a home, potential buyers have a number of choices. One of the decisions that homeowners often ponder is whether they should proceed with buying a home alone, quoted from nytimes.com. This decision can have potentially greater implications, as homeowners who proceed with buying a home alone are unprotected and frequently buy homes that need a lot of work. If you’re interested in receiving professional advice and support through the process, one option is to hire a real estate agent.

Here are six reasons to hire a real estate agent over “For Sale By Owner,” from aboutestateagents.com.

One of the best reasons to hire an agent is that agents are pros at negotiating. In many occasions, agents will get their clients six months of free rent, while buyers who act on their own will have to negotiate with landlords.

Agents are also pros at structuring the sales agreement and making sure the terms are enforced by the other side. Agents will take care of any paperwork that needs to be handled during the sale.

Another pro of real estate agents is that the lenders they work with are likely to offer better mortgage prices and have secured partnerships with companies that offer home warranties and home improvements.

Agents often have access to more resources than their clients. They have access to “extraordinary” such as marketing professionals who can create custom websites, media connections, and find tax breaks. Most agents can also offer personalized assistance with a client’s schedule.

You can find a great agent in multiple ways. Potential buyers could hire an agent, board a bus or take a train, and walk the city streets for months on end. Alternatively, you could find competent and qualified agents near your location.

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