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7 Habits of Highly Successful Realtors

by AEA Staff

One of the most important habits of highly successful realtors is the ability to connect with people. Being empathetic and reassuring will go a long way in the business world, and will help realtors to build business rapport. Another important quality of successful realtors is the ability to learn quickly- even if they have not seen anything like it before. Learning and adapting to new situations is vital to really living, and will certainly lead people to many successes in their industry.

Successful people want to spend all their time learning, and are not afraid of making mistakes. On the contrary, they think they are the most important part of the equation and it’s their responsibility to do it right. The ability to self-reflect and take on the new challenges that come their way, and stay committed to their own principles are important qualities. Contrariwise, giving up, which may come across as fearlessness, is a major mistake and can be devastating to the real estate profession.

Whereas being close-minded is tremendously vain, it’s important to think about all the things one might learn when left open-minded to new and different kinds of ideas. Sharing your ideas is important, which is an integral part of staying open-minded and living within the interests of the industry. But it’s important to always be thinking critically and to remain constantly on the lookout for innovation. Valuing enthusiasm, learning, honesty, persistence, and patience are key to successful outcomes as a realtor.

A successful realtor’s day revolves around people and customer service. They are required to have excellent social skills, as they need to converse with many people each day to find the right person for the right home. They need to work hard to keep the client satisfied as well.

During their day, a successful realtor might do any or all of the following, at random: network to find new clients or contacts; buy or sell a house; produce marketing materials; maintain their own social media; help clients find a new home or answer their questions; write a contract; or prepare a property for prospective buyers.

If you are interested in becoming a successful realtor, follow these steps:

-Build excellent social skills
-Enter your name into your city’s website for Houses for Sale
-Maintain your existing social media profile
-Keep your thumb on the pulse of the housing industry, meaning you need to pay attention to new real estate rules and updates and know what people are saying about the housing market in your own area
-Offer your assistance to prospective buyers

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