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7 Ways to Sell Your Home After the Recession

by AEA Staff

Selling your home after the recession represents a big life change. Here are 7 tips on the steps to sell your home after the recession and the new considerations.

  1. Marketing – You can’t just advertise your home in the newspaper and online. Strategies vary by affordability. Wal-Mart shoppers might make up Forbes’ list of the top 10% of income earners. Your average buyer might be a few thousand dollars a year more spendthrift. Focus on a strategy that will maximize the number of offers and negotiations and help you get the best price possible. Recent history is not your best marketing tool — promoting sustainability, affordability and natural amenities are more likely to attract buyers.
  2. Pricing – Competitive pricing now is key to selling your home after the recession. Be honest with yourself about what you hope to get for your home and the market realities. Keep in mind that you can ask more for your home following a price reduction trend.
  3. Retirement Planning – If you’ve got a great income, the talk with your mutual broker has less of an impact. However, many people are living with less these days. Make sure you understand retirement-planning factors before realizing a drastic life change. Consider an early retirement dividend or secured income for your later years.
  4. Sellers’s Action – Home sellers without a pre-approved buyer’s agent may offer a low “act of sale” (also called a commission) for buyers assistance. This lower price does have realistic resolutions. Finding a local real estate professional to hold property in their office until it sells just one way to guarantee your homes sale after the recession.
  5. Expense Coverage – If visitors are a concern or surveillance equipment seems necessary, you may want to pay for security guards or cameras before a sale.
  6. Selling with Ease – Don’t be coerced into a short sale or high-interest rate deal. It’s no wonder that headlines say that people are “desperate enough to sell their home.” If the market is flooded with properties, you could settle for just about what you can get without undue pressure.
  7. Change the Recipe – Planning a remodel before you leave the home is not always practical… but personality upgrades abound for creative property sellers. Working with a professional and adding a “spin” to your property may make it stand out for would-be buyers.

There are many considerations when selling your home after the recession including how it is marketed, how it is priced, and what retirements factors are considered. You also need to consider who the real estate license agent is, how expensive your home may be to maintain, and what alterations you would like to do on your home before a sale. A person may also want to plan for potential issues such as surveillance for crimes and the availability of high-pressure sales tactics.

At the end of the day, it is essential to be honest about what your intentions are with your home, how you feel about high pressure sales tactics and the number of properties currently on the market so that you can make the most educated decision for yourself.

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