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How do I become a Zillow preferred agent?

by AEA Staff

Zillow advertises that they are a home for people that are looking for actual information about their home, the market in general and anything related to buying or renting a home. But enough about what their goals are – let’s talk about you. You are a real estate professional and you want to represent the best Zillow has to offer, but what does Preferred Agent even mean, let alone how do I become one?

One of the most important things to know before becoming a Zillow Preferred Agent is that it is an elite class of professionals. In order participate in the Ranked Agent Program, you can’t have had a claim state licensed reprimand or decertified within the past five years and must have held a state license for at least five years. Becoming a PTDM, that is an agent certified by the portal (think Sheri Dunston :), and uploading photos of homes for sale with the Zillow logo affixed to it will then get you noticed as a possible candidate for the program. After following a certain interview protocol and completing video training you will then be assessed to make sure you’re the right fit. All of this has to happen in one year’s time in order to meet eligibility criteria for the 2013 program.

What does this mean for you as an agent? What this effectively means is that you are given preferential status, which most agents would say means “set for life” (either that or “congratulations on your status as an agnatic feudal lord”). Once you are approved you’ll then be able to advertise your Zillow status on your website and marketing materials as well as, just maybe, receive the top spot in the search engine when people search your town’s homes. It also means that nationwide brokerages can’t discriminate against you simply because of your affiliation to Zillow’s network. And if that isn’t enough, your investment in improved Zillow’s architecture is seen as a fertile ground for possible future arrangements.

So what do you think? You love real estate and you love Zillow. It sounds perfect, yeah?

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