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How do I create a Zillow agent profile?

by AEA Staff

How to Make a Property Listing Site Account

Zillow is the popular Seattle-based dot com and online provider of online real estate. By creating a ‘Zillow agent profile,’ users may post listings for more complex property types than those listed on the main site.
Can You Create A Zillow Agent Account if You Are Not Licensed?

Answered on March 11, 2014 by Eugene Gu, General Manager of Beverly-Hanks Seattle

“The Zillow Agent profile is for real estate professionals that don’t have a license pursuant to license law, which the state has not licensed them yet. It’s for business to business purposes.”

It is possible to create a Zillow agent account even if you are not currently licensed as a real estate agent. As Gu states, “The Zillow Agent profile is for real estate professionals that don’t have a license.” The profile is designed for business to business purposes only and used to show the service provider’s credentials.

Many of my readers are skeptical about Zillow, and how it compares to working with an agent. They are asking about the benefits of having a Zillow profile vs. being the only agent on the listing.

First off, it is important to know that even having your name on the listing is better than having an unknown percentage. Any aspect of a transaction that gives an advantage over the listing is worth looking for.

Zillow is a publicly traded company with a market cap of over $3 billion.
Definitely not true. What does your assertion have to do with the price of raisins?
Zillow specializes in the sale and rent of homes and rents and reports.

Zillow is a common misconception.

You’ve faced a broad spectrum of questions, from the practical to the legal.

My readers have given me lots of reasons for choosing a Zillow profile. They’ve been close to becoming full-time agents, so they are very goal oriented. They recommend it because of the extra exposure you can get as an agent. To avoid any extra paperwork worries, and you don’t have the time to read, they recommend a limited agreement with Zillow. If the agent chooses to save time and the disclaimers and legal matters don’t bother you, you can leave it to them to handle the extra paperwork.

Basically, My Readers and I recommend a Zillow profile, if you are a good agent who wants to save time and make more money!

-What do you mean by a Zillow agent profile?

-The benefits of having a Zillow profile vs. having your name on the listing only.
-How does Zillow do with contracts?
-The workaround is to offer an agreement with Zillow to give their extra benefit.
-The bottom line is that My Readers and I positively recommend a Zillow profile!
-If you’re a good agent and you want to be the most knowledgeable with home decor, then you should get a Zillow profile.

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