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How do I research a real estate agent?

by AEA Staff

Finding the perfect realtor for your needs can be a difficult task. Nearly every corner has an agent, so how do you differentiate one over another? Some key factors to consider while searching for a broker are their experience, credentials, geographic location, designations and fee structure.

Researching a broker can be a daunting task, but to alleviate some of the stress, and to make the process more enjoyable and productive, consider conferring with a realtors say who is locally nearby, with excellent credentials, and has designations such as CRB, SRES, or SFR. Avoid listing down the less important things, such as being located on the same road, as this can lead to frustration in the process.

Some factors to consider when researching a realtor are their experience and credentials. Each potential broker has his or her own unique set of skills. But for maximum impact, be sure to ask about designations. The designations desired should be written down, and as a list of important factors when determining the right broker, with experience coming in at a close tie.

Another factor is the geographic location of the broker. It may be difficult to find a local-area broker or one with an in-depth reputation, but this can be remedied by having a local broker on the team.

To find a broker that is a match, factors such as credentials, designation, and experience are essential. A good set of brokers to research are certified financial experts, and have a reputation for excellence, with a background in designations. As a final thought, be sure to spend time doing your research, by knowing what type of expertise is needed for the perfect broker.

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