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Is hiring a real estate agent worth it?

by AEA Staff

Hiring a real estate agent has been discussed in the want ads, dining rooms, and social media. However, does a real estate agent help in the sale of a property and is their commission worth it?
The primary goal of a real estate agent is to help sell your property. There are a variety of reasons for hiring a real estate agent and reasons for not hiring one.
If you are in a timeline crunch there are a variety of websites to show you homes that have recently been put up for sale. In some ways this can be seen as helpful as it helps drive traffic. Websites such as Zillow will allow you to see homes, their currently listed price, nearby homes for sale, and recent home sales closed for sale. This can be useful if you are pushed for time and are looking to see what you can afford.

Another website that is advantageous when using to sell your home in a time crunch is Trulia. Trulia has less momentum in comparison to Zillow. However, it still has a considerable amount of capabilities. For example, Trulia gives you the capability to search listings around you, with the most recent listings on this website being somewhat outdated. Trulia also showcases photos of houses but they can be easy to find on any of the opposing websites.

If you are looking for a more precise and detailed information than a website can provide you may find yourself considering hiring a real estate agent. Real Estate agents can help buyers by educating them about what kind of home their looking at, the price of any homes they would be considering purchasing, or even the process that needs to go through from buying to owning. They can also help through the negotiating process, and can help you close with a good price.

However, many people are skeptical about hiring a real estate agent because the commission paid to them may deter you from signing with one in the first place. Regardless, the commission is fairly small and not something that should cause too many problems.

In the end, hiring a real estate agent if worth it because it can help you find the home quickly that you need to sell and buy for the best price.

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