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Is Open Door Real Estate legitimate?

by AEA Staff

Is Open Door Real Estate Legitimate?

By Chris Grays

In life, the world can get a lot more difficult and challenging to handle. One of the many challenges people face is their credit scores are at low levels. They get thrown into this vicious cycle where they need to find credit but they can’t when they haven’t been able to build up their score.

Open Door Real Estate, founded by Glenn and his wife Karen Reidy is one of the many things that can help somebody get out of a low credit score. Glenn is the company’s CEO and the total number of employees is not available.

Open Door Real Estate is a company that does a P2P lending process that drags somebody’s credit score up by ratting and improving it. Though many people wonder, is it legitimate? Yes it is. They are a licensed and regulated company, with many people completing the program and getting their credit scores back to higher levels.

Tickets can be anywhere from $500 to $5,000 where the borrower makes a $250 to $3000 monthly payment while they are clearing their debts. It is estimated that Open Door Real Estate has helped over 700 people in the last eight years out of bad credit jams.

The idea behind the process is really simple. A lender can contact a borrower and offer financing for them. The borrower then gets a candidate referral with them, agreeing to provide them this useful information. The customer is given the opportunity to give accurate information about their financial situation.

The problem with a low credit score can make it hard for somebody to do a large number of things in life. One of the many things it can make hard to do is buy a home. According to financial writer and speaker Derek Thomas, “It’s one of the biggest indicators on your credit report how financially stable you are.”

With an open door to people’s futures, Open Door Real Estate is a lot of things. They are a helping hand to an often difficult situation. They can provide people who may have fallen back on their luck, a chance to start over.

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