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Is Zillow trustworthy?

by AEA Staff

Alan White, a professor of Economics at Auburn University, notes that “part of the
issue is the bias of the the data, which stems from only taking into consideration homes listed for sale.
“Zillow’s rankings are a fun thing, but this is really not the best way to use analytics,” said White.

What is more, there are qualitative concerns to take into account as well with respect to how one would actually assess a home and its property once one actually walks onto the land.
“There are a lot of
thing that will take into consideration that we as outside observers will never know” Dr. Giardina told The Massler.

This article poses the question: Is Zillow trustworthy? It’s a question many real estate agents have come to ask themselves. Besides, it’s not just the ranking system. Somehow, the Zillow algorithm seems to attract a heavy opinionated crowd. Many some-times turn most searches into a backyard turf war; among other things, there are plenty of Zillow ‘Junkies’ to be found.

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