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Online estate agents are a major force or a cheap alternative for the few?

by AEA Staff

In a tough economy people are looking for cheaper ways to sell their homes and with the online market booming, a great avenue for home-sellers. The only question becomes, is the online properties for sale market a game changer or just another imitation?

Some in the industry have viewed online properties for sale with skepticism. Agents say that it deprives the buyer from experiencing the home the way they do in person. They say that with online ads the consumer can’t look past the glossy photos, text from the seller or experts about the property that are tailored to make the house sound perfect for them. There’s also the concern that online properties for sale ads offer a false sense of transparency as many consumers are upload a price then get it raise shortly thereafter.

There are some people, however, who believe that agents are outdated. They say that the commissions agents charge end up being high and over time they lose value through the lending process. The only way that they make a profit is through fees and many think that the people who are most at risk from commission costs are the buyers.

With the debate about online property sales still ongoing, using an estate agent is still the most favorable choice. Many agents believe that buyers need the services that only an experienced agent can provide. They say that in an industry with a surplus of industry professionals, an individual must experience in helping people through the sale of their property to be considered an expert. These agents can offer expertise in the market, negotiations, and they have relationships with other agents from other regions that a potential buyer might not.

Online property sales are a legitimate form of home-selling for those who are looking for cheaper alternatives. Agents provide a much-needed helping hand that will ensure the buyer in the process is protected.

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