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Oregon Real Estate Agents: Why You Should Consider it

by AEA Staff

Your Oregon Real Estate Agents Guide

In Oregon, the average wage for a real estate agent is between 90,000 and 150,000 a year. The majority will pay 50% commissions per listing or sale. However, some brokerages offer 25%. WA, NY and TX offer 100% commission with annual gross income reported as the main income as their body of work.

In this blog post I’m going to share my why you should consider becoming an Oregon real estate agent and pinpoint some of the positives in the profession including what fields are going to increasingly require a more tech-driven marketer due to MLS changes.

Contrasting with other professions, the additional attributes that make our profession attractive include time flexibility, autonomy and control over your own destiny (setting your own schedule), not needing management to teach you or oversee your work, and geographical mobility (however in a case where family is present people may be required to work primarily close to where they reside).
It’s been said that this is “a profession for people who don’t want a boss.” I believe that is part of its attractiveness: the ability to look after oneself.
Due to these perks I would recommend this profession if you are up for giving up societal bragging rights of working for The Man or having a ‘real job.’

Oregon Real Estate Agents: Why You Should Consider This Profession

A look at one of Oregon’s top industries
Real estate agents have enjoyed holding the title of America’s largest employer among minority groups – according to an online article by Forbes dated September 2016
Reasons for this strong feat are listed below: Time flexibility (being able to set one’s own schedule), autonomy and control over own destiny (working by oneself without management), and geographical mobility (autonomy over location).

Oregon offers golden opportunities for real estate agents due to it being known as defined by a diverse geographic and agricultural economy with an overflow of contemporary features. Cities located within the State include Portland, Eugene, Salem, Hood River, Newport and so on.

The awesome part is Oregon’s specificity allowing real estate agents to focus on their expertise in all areas pertaining to business. As there is good opportunity around every corner with a multitude of geographical areas particular industries will often fall into as well hoe business will often be conducted directly within La Grande or Woodburn. Agriculture will often fall into Huntington or Pendleton necessarily becaus e those industries are thriving in those particular economic regions.

In order to enjoy the local culture- sports teams have congregated together multiplying overall population come football season, highways and downtowns embrace other labels such as Rip City (Portland) home of the Blazers or Titletown USA (Green Bay) home of the Packers.

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