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Personal security at property viewings

by AEA Staff


Things like how to prevent burglaries and what to be on the lookout for when deciding to visit someone else’s property or empty home can be really important to know and may help prevent unfortunate incidents.

What to look for

Electrical wiring should be free of any hidden bits that may eventually go unnoticed and cause an overheated wiring system.

Unexpected hazards

Make sure to keep an eye out for things like near construction sites too as these can be incredibly hazardous if there are sections left unprotected and uncovered.

Check the locks

Another thing to keep a lookout for that could mean the property is vacant is the door locks or even the windows for anything that would prove that the doors were locked from the inside.

When to take caution

It’s also a good idea to be careful about who you visit when they are maybe showing our property or meeting up with them at a property that they want to sell or where you are buying.

Things to do

Keep an eye on what they are carrying and then assessing whether you feel safe having them drop you off at your car or not.


Personal security upon surveillance of someone else’s property to work out whether they are showing their personal place or ours or checking out a property to purchase can be incredibly helpful in the prevention of burglaries.

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