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Pricing your property correctly

by AEA Staff


The process of pricing your property for sale from an estate agents point is one of the least painless elements of what can otherwise be an extremely stressful time. Some estate agents seem to come up with a price that gets interested surveyors in the door while others try to play it more conservatively with a slower turnover of visitors. It’s your property, so the £5k commission means that you are the one who controls the asking price.

Getting the Right Price

The key message from us, the estate agents from getonmyfront.com is that a good agent is worth every penny and can work wonders in making your property sale happen. The biggest determining factor of the selling price of your home is independent how much it’s worth. Of course any agent will tell you that pricing your property correctly is the golden ticket for a quick seller and quite often the key to making it offer itself.

When you are thinking of what the right price for you’r property is, it is important to remember that how the market has changed in recent years. A ‘right’ price is not the same as an ‘expensive’ price. The luxury of waiting years for your property to sell will no longer work in this market. The new reality is that if your property remains on the market for too long many buyers will move on and look for an easier property with which to fall in love, so to speak. Independence Day, relatively speaking.

Ensuring Success

Without good marketing and advertising, you will never acquire top dollar for your property. The key is finding an agent who has a well-rounded knowledge of the property market- not an easy task.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your property is always immaculate, decorated to perfection and kept in the best condition possible.

Secondly, a photogenic property will always be more desirable to prospective home buyers, so it is essential that you use the right photographer to make the best of every room in your property and to highlight the features you most want to sell.

Thirdly, you won’t have any luck if your property isn’t marketed properly and make the rounds with traditional selling agencies. Open your eyes and take a quick look around now and you will spot all the contractors, estate agents, property developers and landlords using social media channels.

Fourthly, pay for professional marketing advice and expertise.

The Price You Pay

Too many people smugly believe they know enough about marketing to cut the purse strings to their biggest expense- independent estate agents.

Take a small step back from the overwhelming desire to save those extra few thousand of pounds that the initial purchase of a property has cost you and remember that a good agent is worth every penny and can work wonders in making your property sell. Investing this money now to cut your losses in the future will surely be the cleverest move you ever made.


In conclusion, if you want to charge the right price for your property, it is important to see your agent as soon as possible and tell them how you want to undersell your property in the current market so you don’t get left behind.

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