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The 12 Presales Issues Home Sellers Might Face

by AEA Staff

When buying or selling a property, the experienced seller might seem like they know everything. But in reality they might have their own set of struggles when it comes to selling up. We’ve compiled a list of presales issues that sellers are oftentimes confronted with.

1) Design

Many people prefer a pre-built property, as that way it can have a house that fits their needs and preferences perfectly. Getting all the modifications possible can often be tricky, but it’s still something that can be negotiated between the buyer and seller. If you are finding it hard to uncover what exactly the potential buyers expect for the design, then keep on reading!

2) Violations

Sellers are often told that they need to find out if there are any violations to the zoning of the property that could affect the selling process, even if they’re prior to the homebuyer’s purchasing years. The majority of the time violations should be discovered the first time by the home seller, as they should do as much data research about the locale as possible to uncover to what all zoning the land falls under.

3) Adding resell stock

Adding to resell stock is something that the seller should do correctly but can be very challenging at times. Sometimes, it might wind up costing more than the seller gets, too. If the seller is looking to balance those two, they should find out if their policy for the property will be covered or not. The policy that the seller obtains will tell them what type of volatility they might face with the stock, which is worth knowing if you’re looking at a property that needs re-adding.

4) Laws and taxes

The seller should find out what tax law are and whether or not they are in compliance, before the homebuyer comes to visit. Knowing your legal obligations will lessen the amount of risk for you as a property owner, as well as potentially saving you a lot of fines.

5) Unusual clauses

Whether or not there are unusual clauses that are present in the contract is also something that the seller should investigate. These clauses usually are under section 20, and they can often effect how the deal will be completed.

6) Traffic and access

Sellers need to remember that many buyers will want to know how traffic and traffic around the property are. Heavily congested areas often are harder to sell up.

7) The Association

Many courses of action that arise during the periods a prospective buyer is visiting are caused by the Association. The Association often has the power to use rules and regulations for modifications that might be executed on the house by the homebuyer. The seller should know if there are any pending changes for their residence, which would make the property harder to sell.

8) Location

A house which is in a rural farming area that recently lost a lot of jobs usually takes longer to sell as investments to that property are becoming more risky.

9) Timing

The seller should be aware of the timing of when the residence is listed, whether or not they’ll be moving out beforehand, or whether or not the property is occupied.

10) The cost

The seller should at least be aware of what the sale cost is, even if they don’t know it exactly. The seller needs to know whether or not they will succeed in their sale.

11) House Design

Some houses might be incompatible with the new buyer’s wants/needs

12) Outdoor Space

If the inhabitant is a fan of outdoor space, then the property should have as big of a buffer as possible

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