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The best city to buy a home in

by AEA Staff

Everyone wants to buy their first home and a lot of people have questions about the best place to live and what decisions to make. Find out how to buy the perfect home by following some of these guidelines.

Six Crucial Decisions to Consider Before Buying

There are many thoughts and factors that go through your mind when you’re purchasing a new home, but first you need to ask yourself some important questions. Real estate agent Billy Barton says these are the six factors that will determine whether real estate in metro Denver is a good move for you:

*What is your family size?

*What is your budget?

*What is your preferred neighborhood?

*How far are you willing to drive?

*How far is your commute?

*How far are you willing to go to work?

Denver is one of the most desirable places to live, so if you want to buy a new property and a family of five, you might have a tough time finding a place that still gives you walkability, access to shopping, schools, and has plenty of green space.

Green Living Tips




Weather Planning


Ideally, you will want to use xeriscape plants. Xeriscape plants are a type of plant that can thrive in low water, intense sun, shallow or infertile soil, typical desert climate conditions.


This isn’t too important when it comes to talking about buying a home, but many folks are looking for ways to live a more green life or decrease their monthly bills and need a way to ensure that they are not wasting too much of their money. One way to do that is to install efficient LED lighting.


Many homeowners have pests and bug problems in their home. These are often seasonal and come and go, and one of the best ways to deal with those is to maintain a pesticide-free environment. Clean and swept litter or pet areas, rake up leaves, vacate bird feeders during the colder months, and you can generally stop pest problems (though you may still have to combat mosquitoes).

Weather Planning

This isn’t too critical if you’re just moving to a new city, but if you’re moving across the country and will be affected by weather fluctuations, then it is a very good idea to look well into it before you make the decision. A lot of people make up their minds based on temperature and mild snowfall and only taking into account a few factors. Overall, this is a good decision for that would make your life a lot simpler.

The best city to buy a home in

Ever since the housing cycle, there has been a divide between buying and renting a home. For millennials, it’s been a difficult dilemma. Where is the best city to buy a home in?

For most millennials, the struggle of housing costs vs rent is at the top of their daily to-do list. A major factor in deciding whether to buy or rent a home, is which city provides the best and cheapest opportunities.

An article from Business Insider measures growth in home prices vs. a given metropolitan area as well as return on investment for properties in that area. They use Zillowresearch and S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price indexes, as well as measur erential amente for rental assignmen wil ferianulaand owhe an harmeanla ingresidaiyiave pieield.

  • 1 best place is Boston, with a HUD home price of 111,700 dollars for the last 12 months. The home saw 69% growth in the 12-month period, and more than doubled the national average. Closer to the 580,000 yearly return on investment and seen an annual average rental increase of 6%.
  • 2 is tied between Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento with a HUD home price of 170,000-205,000 dollars. The area saw increases of 55% for combined investment rate of 13%.
  • 3 is Los Angeles, with a home price of 350,000-372,000 dollars. The region saw a 29% growth rate and less than 20% IR, but still more than doubled the national average.

Obviously all cities produce variances when it comes to growth rates, home prices, IR, and rental rates.However, as a whole, business Insider has some insightful suggestions on which cities are worth it. Boston, Seattle, Sacramento, and Portland came out ahead.

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