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Top 10 things to know before getting your realtor license

by AEA Staff

People typically go to see a realtor for one of two reasons: they are either looking to buy a house or they are interested in becoming a licensed realtor. Either way, it’s important for anyone interested in real estate to know the basics: the amount of time it takes, the approval process, and how much it costs. This article will help you know what you need to know before getting a realtor license.

One of the most common things people want to know is how long it takes to get a realtor license. There is a minimum of one year of education and experience needed, assuming you don’t already have the education or experience. Questions about the education and experience required vary by state.

Next, you may be wondering if there is a certain educational minimum you need. Yes, there is a general education requirement, but specifics vary by state. The educational license in one state will not necessarily be accepted by other states. The type of license and educational requirements can be found on the website for the National Association of State Boards of Real Estate.

Many people often ask if they have a career or job to sacrifice, is it worth it? The answer is yes, as many who enjoy their real estate career say it pays well and you can make a good living.

This post focused on how to get a realtor license. With this basic information, you can make the final decision of whether or not to get one.

Top 10 things to know before getting your realtor license

  1. The right to study the course and receive the real estate license is granted by the Texas Real Estate Commission and associated with the broker-registrant license.
  2. You don’t need a certificate or degree to sing up for the course.
  3. You have to study a 12-hour course composed of lecture, slide presentation, and live demonstrations to get the license.
  4. Transport the course into and out of the bus every day can be a hassle, use a course that offers online
  5. When I study real estate I always wear a professional outfit so one good outfit or suit you can invest in
  6. Some people start with their real estate license and then get a college degree.
  7. I see many new agents that think its possible to reclaim the money from their course if they don’t get a real estate license.
  8. Make sure your broker knows you are considering taking the course for the real estate license before signing any contracts. I’ve seen agents sign something and then find out they will be at a cheaper course.
  9. With the burst of the housing market, make sure to get your license was accredited from the time you sign up for school.
  10. Conduct thorough research on course reviews and complaints so you don’t end up at a sketchy

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