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What are the exemptions for property taxes Orange County?

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Millions of Americans buyers each year think about property taxes Orange County when it’s time to choose a home state. The IRS has a three-part system that has been in place since 1933 which is intended to keep people from trying to avoid their fair share of paying for government. All but the most expensive properties qualify for the standard exemptions that automatically relieve the majority of homeowners from paying all of the property tax in the country.

The first exemption for property taxes is homeowners who are above 65 years old or disabled. These exemptions will release one-fourth of the assessment value of the property from taxes, which is broken down to to 2.2% per year for those who are 65 or older and 2% for those who are disabled.

The second exemption is for veterans who served in conflicts dating before the Gulf War. In order to qualify for this exemption, the person must be qualified for disability, which means that they need to have worn the uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces for at least 180 days prior to being discharged.

The third exemption includes those who have served in active duty for the military at any point from 1990 to the current date in a conflict. They need to be retirement-eligible in order to qualify, which means they need to be at least age 50 and be at least 20 creditable years of service.

What are the exemptions for property taxes Orange County? 3
Property taxes Orange County

Why veterans are exempted of property taxes Orange County

In order to qualify for either of these veterans exemptions there needs to be proof of the disability in service or retirement eligible status, which is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. In order to prove the active duty service requirement in the war on terror, there needs to be a copy of the Joint Services Transcript from the registrar’s office of the military service.

Homeowners who do not qualify for these exemptions may be eligible to use a Circuit breaker, which is a type of tax relief that can protect them from an increase in property taxes.

The exemptions for property taxes vary by county and state. You can find a chart with the different exemptions and contact information for the respective counties in California on OC.CA.Gov.

How much do property taxes cost?

Property taxes are taxes that are paid to the municipality on a yearly basis. Usually these taxes are set by your region and are categorized into individual apartments or houses. They are categorized into several regions, such as public, commercial or industrial. It can be estimated for $6 to $10 a month.

Why should property taxes be paid?

According to the government, property taxes are usually used to improve and maintain the area in which they reside in. An example for the property taxes would be to pay for the tarring and pothole filling, maintain parks, pools, roads, and more. This helps to maintain and upkeep the whole region which would mean less help needed from the government.

What are homeowner association fees?

These fees are usually paid by the residents in privately owned properties, like apartment buildings, and used to help maintain and upkeep the property. This is better for individuals in that no matter the tenants living there and how long they live there, they will have to pay the fees charged to everyone. This also allows for updates to be made to the property and for smaller repairs.

How much are homeowner association fees?

The general cost of these fees depends on the size of the area and typically they are around $10 to $20 a month.

Which one should I pay for?

The property taxes are for the upkeep of the areas. The homeowner association fees are more for the upkeep and running of the privately owned properties. Check with your landlord to find out what is best for them.

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