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What is a premier Zillow agent?

by AEA Staff

You are applying for a job as a premier Zillow agent. Follow these steps to become a better applicant:

  1. Go to the agent’s site.
  2. Register for an account with a personal address and information.
  3. Explore the site for free and join the Premier Agent status.
  4. Refer other agents to the site

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You have stumbled upon the perfect question for your first blog! Basically, authorities agents who are highly qualified with maximum 5 million dollar in sales can qualify as a premier Zillow Agent.

Register with the Zillow site for a Premier Agent account. You will need to have some minimum level of experience to be of help to the Department of Real Estate. There, you´ll be able to help agents connect with sellers and buyers, and live chat with them as well. So far, 3.7 million agents have joined Zillow, and you´ll be able to help them find the homes they´ve been looking for.

Get to know the company by familiarizing yourself with the site, and start browsing. Force yourself to become a Premier Agent before the 3-month deadline expires. Once you register, you will receive emails from Zillow, so you should check your email on a regular basis for paid surveys, which will earn you some cash.

The Premier Agent membership comes with many perks, including company events! Remember, the Premier Agents in Zillow are some of the most successful out there, with an average of $6,269,517 in yearly commissions. You can use the tools provided to list homes for sale and they offer personalized solutions to help you get offers, sell faster, and market places better.
Do you want to be a premier agent?

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