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What is an estate agent profile?

by AEA Staff

Many estate agents go beyond the traditional role of a realtor and specialize in certain aspects of the brokerage business, contributing their own expertise to specific real estate transactions. One of these is an estate agent profile.

Whereas a general agent will often list and negotiate all types of properties, an estate agent profile usually does not work outside of a specific type of property or location. This type of agent’s specialty can vary from residential real estate to commercial property. As one might imagine, an agent’s versatility and availability can go up as well as down with this specialization.
Here, an estate agent profile is a specialized agent for residential property.

With proper experience, an estate agent profile that specializes in residential property has the ability to be qualified to negotiate the purchase and sale of homes. The agent can also help the buyer find a property or an appraiser will give the specifics of a property’s worth.

An estate agent profile is an agent who generally specializes in only residential properties. He does things like negotiating the purchase and sale of homes and help buyers find property.

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