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What You Need to Know as a House Flipper

by AEA Staff

With latest housing market trends indicating a surge in house flipping, many aspiring investors are wondering what exactly it takes to partake. Admittedly, the prospect is often shrouded in mystery with people wondering if they should invest in flipping a house or at all. { A blog post on} What You Need to Know as a House Flipper is a good way to dispel some of this mystery and provide beginner house flippers with some valuable tips.

The first thing you need to do before you purchase a property is conduct a full walkthrough of the property- all its details from inside and out- to determine any major repairs and detailed information about the physical condition. Afterward, get an appraisal based on the cost-offer and advise you on the worth of the property and what, if anything, should be done to improve it. You will also want to put together a cash-flow projection which will outline the income from taxes, home mortgages (if applicable) and any other expenses that will go towards maintaining the property.

Remember, house flipping is technically a business venture, and as such it should be treated as such from the start. Take some time and talk to an attorney. Your attorney will be able to talk to you about financing and important contractual issues. You also might want a property management history before you take on flipping because to do it successfully you’ll need to have a good management backbone.

For many house flippers, the challenge comes not from the actual selling but from the process of purchasing. There are important tricks when it comes to buying to make sure you’re safeguarding your investment. It is for this reason that many real estate investors understand the ins and outs of property transaction law which takes care of one aspect of the real estate profession for them.

A final word of advice: When someone is ready to invest in flipping, she or he should proceed as if they were going to manufacture goods. Put time into researching all the traits and intricacies involved with flipping, from what a fair market value is, to constructing a realistic projection of renovating costs, to the possibility of making a profit. The more way you can do things yourself the better money you can save.

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