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Who is the best realtor in the US?

by AEA Staff

This article is for those whom are looking to get into the real estate market and are looking for some guidance on who the best realtors are. There have been a lot of changes in the real estate business over the years. Prices are continuing to go up, land has gone up precipitously, and there is less and less inventory. Why not look at the numbers and find out the top performing agents in the United States in 2014 to make the buying process as easy on the buyer as possible.

AboutEstateAgents.com released their yearly list of the top 500 performing agents in the US last November. This is important because it is based on cold hard numbers and not opinions. With these 500 agents as your starting point, the most important thing is to find an agent who is knowledgeable about the neighborhood you want to purchase in. As an example, I found out that Robert Saltys is an excellent agent because he specializes in coastal towns in New England and all 500 of his clients rave about him.

Another thing to consider in hiring a realtor, is to actually interview them. There may be someone who doesn’t have the right credentials of a realtor but is actually a broker or developer. Additionally, if you are getting a referral from someone you trust, their connection might be closer to their friend than the trustworthiness of realtor.

Interview with the top realtor in the US:

Meet Robert Roblin of Saltys Realty- https://www.saltysrealty.com

How long have you had your license and how many transactions have you completed?
“I have had my real estate license for 7 years, completed 6 transaction in 2014, one in 2015, and five transactions so far in 2016”

Can you provide some of the benefits that the customer has in partnering with you as their realtor?
“Your personalized service is what sets us apart from the competition. I specialize in being a ‘beach person’ and my work hours are limited. I only work approximately 20 hours a week since that is what I need to make my living and I am always available to speak to my clients.”

One of the things in the article is about mentors. If you want to pick up some valuable information, it is always permissible to speak to your clients. That last sentence automatically became one of the most important lines in the article because it summarizes so much.

However, Roblin provides some additional value to the relationship with clients. By focusing on coastal communities, he saves a lot of time and research when it comes to understanding the area and being able to speak intelligently to a prospective buyer about the property’s worth.

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