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Working in estate agency a typical day in the office

by AEA Staff


Hello, today I am going to speak about what a typical day in an estate agency looks like. I am one of the typical estate agent so this is what a typical day for me looks like. I would first have to do all my administration tasks, such as make phone calls, answer enquiries, post facebook and other house listings. In the 1-1, I would be exploring other house deals, advising on offers and their terms, negotiation And also take objection from various clients. Then at the end of the day there is dealing with paperwork and the post-board meeting.

Before making an offer

I would tell people about that we would need to find out how big the house is, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, attic, basement. The access for people. You can get this information by looking at one of the floor plan sketches we would show you. It indicates where the light switches can be, phone sockets. we want to find out how much furniture there is in the different rooms.

The costs you would have as a house owner

When you own a house you will pay for other things as well as just the mortgage. You have to pay for the upkeep which includes garden maintenance; repairs and decoration costs; utilities such as gas, electricity and the water man as well as the patio cleaning etc.


Negotiation is the process of talking to somebody and getting a better price for something or better terms or more thoughtful. These are elements that will help you to get the deal done and provide more comfort for you. People do not like to sell their house at a price that is too low. Get ready for them to reside and employ the negotiation techniques that I have described earlier..

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